About Me

My name is Graeme Marshall and I’m a father to 2 girls, Liverpool FC fan, a company director and, most importantly to you if you’re reading this, an amateur photographer!

Thank you for visiting my photography website, I’ve set this site up to share my work, document my progress and hopefully share some of the lessons I’ve learned, advice I’ve found useful, resources I’ve stumbled upon and any other thoughts / musings / kit / tutorials that I wish to inflict upon the world…. Basically to save my wife having to look interested when I get excited about cleaning up a raw image from something you’d delete from your phone to something you want to print up for your walls.

I wont fill this page with a kit list, I’ll save that for what could be endless blog posts…. Suffice to say I started with a phone and a point and shoot, then graduated to a micro 4/3 dslr to expand my skills and knowledge.